Stem Cells Malta - 10 year storage extension


When your child was born you took a pioneering decision to store their stem cells with our 20 year storage plan and potentially secure their wellbeing. We are proud to be the first company in Malta to offer this service.

There are no absolute facts on the effects of long term storage on cord blood or any other haematopoietic stem cell type. What is known is that the quality of the freezing process and the stability of ultra-low temperature storage are important in maintaining viability of cells. We use state-of-the-art controlled- rate freezing of cells, specifically optimised to maintain cell viability. We store the products in monitored cryovessels at stable low temperatures, again designed to preserve viability of cells. Provided the products are transferred, handled and thawed correctly at the point of clinical use, very high levels of viability and functionality can be expected.

The storage of your sample has not yet expired but we are now able to provide a 30 year storage term. You now have the opportunity to continue safeguarding your child’s stem cells by extending your storage term for an extra 10 years.


Since the first cord blood transplant in 1988, over 30,000 successful transplants have taken place. Of these, 4000 cord blood transplants are carried out globally per year.


In 2015 alone, 855 cord blood transplants took place in the EU. Cord blood stem cell transplantation is an accepted therapy for over 80 conditions.

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