Protect your family's future health by storing your newborn baby's cord blood and cord tissue stem cells

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When size matters...

Being big means we have the infrastructure, experience and support systems to offer our clients the best possible expertise and security for handling and storing your family’s samples.

Being big also means we have control over all stages of the storage process – from the collection kits we send out to the purpose-designed laboratories where samples are processed to the giant storage tanks which hold those precious samples for up to 25 years.

The scale of our business also means we have the capability to invest in long term research into areas which could impact on the ultimate effectiveness and use of stem cells in medical treatments. That includes finding the optimum cryopreservation methods that maintain stem cell viability for longer and longer periods and investigating stem cell expansion technologies that might enable limited initial stem cell samples to be amplified to a level suitable for use in a life-saving transplant.

Small might be beautiful for some things we do but when it comes to ensuring the safety and viability of the most precious things of all – the building blocks of life itself - being big is most definitely a crucial advantage.